Many people want to make money online but do not know where to start. This article takes you through how to blog and make money with your blog. The first thing to note is that no technical expertise is needed. Now I am sure you have heard this many times but when you have got into it in more detail discovered that actually you do need to understand HTML code, javascript, meta tags, and so on.

The facts are that without any knowledge of these technical terms but an ability to follow step by step instructions that utilize these techniques you can make money. Let me explain further.

There are two main aspects to making money with a website.

First, you need a website, obvious huh. It is what is displayed on this website that is of course the key. You can make money by promoting products on the simplest of websites. You can generate additional earnings through displaying adverts on your site from google and click bank that is relevant to your topic and you will get paid every time someone clicks on that ad. Now that may all sound quite technical to the uninformed.

The second key aspect is to have people visit your website. Now, this is one of the prime reasons why so many people fail at internet marketing – they simply do not appreciate that no matter how wonderful a website you have, it is completely worthless to you unless people visit it. How to generate a constant stream of visitors to your site is not the primary focus of this article but is dealt with elsewhere. In reality, it is very easy to do, follow these steps and you will have a basic site up and running and making money for you:

Step 1:

Decide an area of interest. It is important that your website is focused on a specific topic or area. It is much easier for you if this topic is an area that you already have an interest in.

Step 2:

Research products in your area of interest. The best types of products to promote are digital ones where the buyer can simply download the ebook or video or audio as soon as the purchase is complete. This saves you the cost and hassle of posting the goods out. You want to automate the process as much as possible.

There are a number of good online digital stores available. The most well-known I guess is click bank. It is free to join and they have thousands of products in many different areas. Top tip: When researching products to promote – you want to look for not only the earnings per sale that you will make, but also check out the product’s longevity. The digital stores have a number of statistics that will help you here.

Step 3:

Create your website. There are some fabulous website providers that you can use completely free of charge, simply enter a search for free websites and you will be spoilt for choice. The key features to look out for are: – How easy it is to use – Does it allow you to easily insert HTML code – all you need to do is be able to copy the code and paste it in. You are not writing it yourself. – Can you have pictures? Videos? In your site. You want to make a site that is interesting for your visitors to look at and keep them coming back for more. – A simple blog site is free and does the job we are looking at here well.

Step 4:

Write your content. Now here you are writing a review of the product you wish to promote. Most vendors provide their own review material if you do not want to write your own. However, it is far more effective if you write your own and make it personal.

Step 5:

Link to your product’s sales page. You need to make sure your content contains links to the sales page for your product. The code is provided by your digital retailer and all you do is simply copy it and paste it into your content at the appropriate place. It is called a hyperlink.

Step 6:

Register for a free ad-sense account and use the built-in facilities to copy the code to your site. Usually, these appear in a sidebar, and the website provider, eg blogger provides a gadget that does it all for you. All you enter is your ad-sense account details. When you have completed each of these steps you are good to go. Your next focus is to drive visitors to your site and optimize it for search engines. We have other articles that deal with these subjects. To Your Success